Ars Machina
Software development isn't just technique, it is an art too


Ars Machina offers some services, all them related to software architecture, design patterns, good practices, Object-Oriented Programming, Java, Hibernate, Spring, Tapestry, and the technologies and libraries listed below.

We provide our clients written material, in slide form, of software architecture, design patterns, Object-Oriented Programming, Hibernate, and Hibernate Validator. More material can be written on demand.

  • Development We can develop anything from small libraries and packages to entire Web or desktop applications.
  • Consultancy We help you and your company to solve problems and to decide implementation details.
  • Mentoring We capacitate your team members and, at the same time, developing their work. This can be considered a mixture of consultancy and training.
  • Training We are highly experienced in training, both in-company or not. We can also write the course materials.