Ars Machina
Software development isn't just technique, it is an art too

Welcome to Ars Machina!

Ars Machina is a small consultancy, development, and training company specialized in the Java programming language, Hibernate, Tapestry 5, Spring Framework, software architecture, good practices and design patterns. For a more detailed description, see the Services page.

Currently, the team has just one developer, Thiago H. de Paula Figueiredo. More professionals can join when needed.

What does Ars Machina has to offer?

Besides development, consultancy, mentoring, and training, Ars Machina also develops Java open-source packages.

Why Ars Machina?

As far as we know, Ars Machina is "art of computing" in Latin. We would never claim that this project is art or that it's perfect, but we believe that building good software is not just science, technique and good practices, it is an art too. Software development always leaves, and often needs, some room for creativity. Important decisions are made all the time during software development. That's where its art is.